How to Optimise an SEO Campaign for Google

As the most popular search engine on the web, Google processes around 3.5 billion searches every single day. This means that optimising an SEO campaign in order to rank a website in the Google SERPs involves a lot of commitment, knowledge of the industry and experience of what works and what doesn’t. Read on as the team here at Internet Marketing Questions go over a few top tips that technicians should always take into consideration when optimising a campaign for Google…

Why should keyword research be carried out?

In comparison to other search engines, Google is the most popular and most used option on the internet. Whilst this means that high-quality results can be obtained from a promising SEO campaign, it also means that the competition is far more demanding. After all, there are thousands of different businesses that may be optimising their site in order to rank for a specific keyword. As a result, it is vital that effective keyword research is carried out, particularly if a campaign is running nationally, in order to ensure that technicians target the most practical phrases.

Are the search engine algorithms important?

In computer science, algorithms are used in order to determine the quality and importance of a webpage. In fact, Google uses PageRank, an algorithm that is named after Larry Page, a founder of the company. These algorithms tell technicians what the search engine is looking for and how they can rank favourably which is why they are essential. After all, an ethical campaign is one that follows the rules by working with the algorithms, not against them.

Is an understanding of HMTL5 necessary?

Almost every website on the internet is made using a programming language known as HTML, which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. In 2014, an update was made, and a new, more complex version known as HTML5 was introduced, which provided support for both audio and video components within a website without the need for plugins like Adobe Flash Player. Whilst an in-depth understanding of HTML is not a requirement in order to conduct an effective SEO campaign, a basic grasp can help technicians in the long run as a lot of time is often wasted waiting around for a webmaster to fix coding problems.

Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we want our readers to understand the complex nature of an SEO campaign and ensure that the correct methods are implemented in order to generate the best results. To find out more information about optimising a campaign for the Google search engine, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!