Why Blogs are Important in SEO

The process of Search Engine Optimization is not something that can learnt overnight. In fact, it takes years to build up a sustainable and well credited bank of knowledge on the subject. One of the main components on a website that is undergoing SEO service is a blog and this content holds a vital importance. In this blog, the team here at Internet Marketing Questions are going to go over why…


One of the main goals within SEO is to increase the traffic that a website gains and ultimately have this traffic convert into customers. By having blogs on your site you allow your ranking to gradually improve on search engine results. The secret to achieve this is fresh and quality content that is regular and consistent. By increasing this traffic the website receiving the SEO is more likely to have conversions.

Content is King

Whilst it is important to have fresh content on the website in the form of blogs, it is also vital that the information is the best it can possibly be. For example, the content must be relevant to the site and what the internet user is searching for, it must not use black hat techniques like key word stuffing and it must be long enough to be considered a genuine trustworthy article. Doing this will ensure that the site develops good and ethical relationship with Google without being penalised.

Makes Google Trust the Site

When a blog is added to a website it increases the pages on the site. Overtime as more and more blogs are added Google will begin to recognise that the site is one that is trustworthy and it is this development that allows for the search engine rankings to improve. Of course, this content must be high quality or else the rankings can also be negatively affected if Google does not like the look of it.

Here at Internet Marketing Questions we find that not many SEO services tend to understand the vital role that blogs play within their overall marketing strategy and this usually leads to some black hat techniques being implemented in order to gain the results unethically. Fret not however as we are here to lend a helping hand! If you have any more budding questions, speak to a member of the Internet Marketing Question team today!