3 Reasons Why Google is So Popular

The majority of internet marketing campaigns tend to focus on the Google search engine due to its popularity and return on investment (ROI). Whilst this means that the field is often very competitive, there are a variety of different reasons why technicians keep coming back to it over competitors like Bing and Yahoo. Read on as the team here at Internet Marketing Questions go over three reasons why the Google search engine is so popular…

Why is Google-optimised SEO so ethical?

Whilst it is possible to optimise an SEO campaign for a variety of different search engines, many technicians opt for Google due to the ethics that it presents. After all, algorithms like Penguin and Panda work tirelessly in order to ensure that only the best websites manage to reach the top spot in the SERPs whilst those that utilise black-hat techniques are penalised and sent to the bottom. As a result, the Google search engine remains popular with users because they can count on it for relevant and high-quality results.

What is Google Adwords?

Although SEO is thought to be the most popular internet marketing tool on the web, it is not the only one on offer. In fact, Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is an alternative method that involves the placement of banner advertisements at the top of the SERPs where users are more likely to click on them. Interestingly, Google offers its own variety of PPC marketing known as AdWords and this versatility is an attractive feature for websites that want to implement multiple approaches.

Is mobile optimisation compulsory on Google?

Compared to other search engines, Google manages to stay one step ahead of the competition by implementing features like mobile optimisation before anybody even considered its importance. After all, around 50% of search queries are carried out on a smartphone and a lack of mobile optimisation can considerably affect a websites direct and organic traffic results. Although Mobilegeddon, the name given to the day when this algorithm was introduced in 2015, rocked the boat when it was announced, it has proved very beneficial in many Google optimised campaigns.

When it comes to internet marketing techniques like SEO and PPC, it is important that a technician is able to generate effective results and that is why Google’s algorithms are necessary. After all, they may be strict, however this ensures that the playing field is fair for every website and business owner. To find out more information about the popularity of the Google search engine, get in contact with a member of the Internet Marketing Questions team today!