The Secret of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is an industry that cannot be learned overnight and generally takes years to completely understand. Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we are strong advocates for the use of genuine internet marketing methods being used in order to generate traffic to websites however sometimes companies will opt for black hat techniques in order to speed up the process. In this blog, we going to go over a few of the secrets to making internet marketing working the right way…


In order to generate a return on the money that clients spend on internet marketing, a certain amount of traffic must be gained on a website and there are many ways to do this. For example, well knows companies like Adwords allow people to buy a place at the top spot on a google search however once the budget runs out, the advert is replaced by the next highest bidder. Natural traffic can be generated using the process of SEO which sees particular keywords and content used through blogging to generate traffic to websites.


Link farms are a set of internet webpages that are created with the main goal of linking to a target page in order to increase a websites ranking in a search engine result however they are illegal and a form of black hat internet marketing. If the information that is displayed on a website is not relevant and the links are leading potential traffic to link farms, it is likely that the results will not generate genuine clientele for the website receiving the internet marketing services.

Now you know some of the secrets when it comes to internet marketing, it’s time to put it into practice. After all, generating traffic to websites using techniques like SEO, emails and social media is a very beneficial ways of raising public awareness of a company!

Internet Myths That Refuse to Disappear

The internet is full of knowledge however it’s safe to stay that not all of it is particularly true. In fact, there are even myths about the internet itself which continue to circle around to this day. Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we’re ready to bust a few of them so that you are able to separate fact from fiction…

Myth: The internet is free

For some unknown reason, many people have spent their life believing that the internet is free to use and unfortunately, this is not and has never been true. Since the beginning of its creation, the internet has always had a cost. For example, in the past students gained accounts via tuition and the military got access as part of their job. When the internet became public, we started paying regular fees to internet providers. Even 4G is paid for because we subscribe to contracts and pay for the internet access on our smartphones! It might seem free to browse Facebook however, we are always paying in order to do so.

Myth: The internet is dangerous

Because the internet is able to hold and store a lot of our information, it often gains the reputation of being dangerous, especially for children. Whilst it is true that some bad people lurk around the internet, it is a very safe place as long as we keep our personal details private and be aware of the websites that our children are visiting at all times.

The internet is our forte here at Internet Marketing Questions which is why we dedicated a blog post to busting these myths! Check back for more tips and tricks about the internet and internet marketing!

The Difference Between SEO and PPC

It is without a doubt that both of these practices are part of internet marketing as a whole, however they operate rather differently. Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we’re going to take you on a whirlwind adventure and teach you what exactly the differences are between SEO and PPC campaigns…


SEO Campaigns: For the beginners, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the practice of using non-black-hat techniques and content rich material in order to power a website and raise its ranking on the Google search pages, thus allowing more traffic to move through. In fact, a difference with SEO is found within the traffic, which is organic (and therefore, free).


PPC Campaigns: Lets go backwards for the beginners- PPC is rather simple and stands for Pay Per Click. It basically does what it says on the tin; a campaign is launched, usually an advert of some kind, where a company is charged per visit to their website. This means that the visitors to sites which have used PPC are not free and are not organic.


Despite these factors, it takes a lot of time, effort and hard work to achieve results from Google’s rankings. For example, in SEO there are no shortcuts and the competition is high so an expert is recommended. On the other hand in PPC campaigns, one must factor in the cost of using a popular advertising program such as Adwords, the money they can spend per click per campaign and the amount of time they have. To put it simply, neither technique has an easy route.


Do you know 3 main differences between SEO and PPC? Let us know! Make sure to check back for more internet marketing tips and tricks soon!

The Importance of Content

It is no secret that content is becoming more and more important within the world of SEO. In fact, these days everyone is a content creator. From the old lady who has only just learnt how to update Facebook to the teenagers on social media; everyone is producing some form of content.

If you are in the digital and internet marketing industry, you will have heard a lot about content marketing and if you are a beginner, consider this a vague crash course. As Google updates its services, SEO techniques need tweaking in order to provide results and remain effective, yet many people neglect content.

Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we’re going to take you on a brief overview of the history surrounding content marketing in an attempt to make fellow internet marketers out there realise the importance of this business changing component.

According to sources, Google implements somewhat around 500 changes every year and in 2011, they announced their Panda update. This update targeted websites which affected the way in which results appeared in the Google search engine page and favoured those with user friendly designs.

One year later, Google announced Google Penguin. This update was very hostile and focused on techniques such as keyword stuffing, article spinning and coating. In fact, these changes affected the google ranking of roughly 3-5% of google search results.

When businesses such as SEO and internet marketing relies on search engine traffic, it is hard to not become frustrated- however the one thing these updates prove is that content is a key aspect of internet marketing.

Google’s main aim is to provide information which is most relevant to a searcher and if an individual has used unfair tactics to promote their site to the top, such as those listed above, they will generally not be favoured compared to those who implement genuine SEO techniques and components.

Most importantly, every business, especially the internet marketing industry, needs to be well versed in their content production in order to climb the ranks in a user friendly format without suffering from Googles never ending updates.


Happy Birthday Google!

Can you believe that the search engine Google has only just turned 18? Yes, that’s right, Google is a 90’s baby! And the world’s biggest internet company is celebrating its coming of age the only way it knows how… a doodle on the homepage.

To commemorate the birthday, we’ve put together some top fact you may not have known about Google!

There is a T-Rex game hiding in Google Chrome

When Chrome doesn’t have an internet connection, it will show a message instead of the homepage, alongside the image of a dinosaur. If you press the spacebar, it will start an obstacle game which will last forever as all the obstacles are generated by code.

One Google search uses more computing power than was used to send the Apollo 11 astronauts to the moon

Searching Google takes milliseconds, however the computing and networking power required to look through the internet is huge compared to relatively minor code and computing it took to put humans on the moon.

Google once went down for five minutes

On 19th August 2013, Google stopped working for five minutes and took much of the internet with it, as well as 40% of web traffic.

Google hires goats

The headquarters of Google is so large and green that it would take a lot of lawnmowers to cut. Instead, Google hires goats on a weekly basis to clear the fields. Google employees have said they are quieter, don’t pollute the air and are considerably cuter than lawnmowers.

Google doesn’t know when its actual birthday is

The company has six birthdays in total, each which denotes a significant change in the company which led to confusion as to when it’s actual birthday is. September 27th has been the official celebrated birthday since 2002.

Google has become such a popular company that it is considered the king of all search engines. Internet Marketing relies on the productivity of search engines, such as Google in order to integrate SEO into a brand and regulate traffic to a site. From all of us here at Internet Marketing Questions, we wish you a Happy Birthday Google!