The Benefits Social Media Can Have on Business

It is hard to ignore how much social media and smart technology is influencing our lives in the modern world. After all, our ancestors could have only dreamed that we would have such rapid and responsive technology at our fingertips in the future. In this blog the team here at Internet Marketing Questions are going to address how social media can actually benefit your business…

Awareness of the Brand

Just like any business you cannot expect to make any sales if customers do not know that you exist or what services you offer and this is why it is important to ensure you raise awareness of your brand. Since we all have such a wide range of potential customers on social media it makes sense to implement this type of marketing in order to do this in a simple yet effective way.

Higher Conversion Rates

Social media provides 1 to 1 contact with customers in real time which means that you are able to generate higher conversation rates and leads in a way that is going to benefit you in the long run. After all without social media we used to rely on the drawn out process of organising phone calls and emails whereas relying is now timely and efficiently available at the touch of a button.

Increase Website Traffic

Social media is only one part of the puzzle and it can actually be used in conjunction with SEO and other types of internet marketing strategies that aim to target website traffic. After all, social media is very good at providing potential clients with a direct link to your website so the more efficient your social media is at marketing your services, the more potential traffic you can expect to receive on your site; thus increasing your search engine rank.

When you are aware of the different methods that you can implement in order to assist your internet marketing efforts you will begin to completely understand the industry once and for all. After all, marketing is not just one simple component; it is many mixed together! For more information, speak to a member of the Internet Marketing Questions team today!

A Brief History of SEO

Whilst being aware of the history of SEO is not a major requirement in order to carry out the process correctly, it can help you understand how the internet marketing technique has changed since it first emerged. After all, a lot can change over a couple of decades and techniques that were considered acceptable in 2005 are now called black hat methods. Here is a brief history of SEO…


With the introduction of the internet becoming widespread in many households, finding out certain information was very simple. Unfortunately, the quality of this information was not the highest it could be. This was because search engines were only matching words that the user was searching for and this lead to keyword stuffing. During this black hat technique, certain phrase were repeated multiple times in order to raise the ranking unethically.

Early 00’s

Welcoming the takeover of Google, the early 2000’s introduced guidelines that SEO providers must abide by known as ‘white hat’ techniques. This helped websites to rank without competing with the black hat providers that frequented the 90’s.


Unfortunately, these guidelines didn’t impact the ranking yet so many users didn’t follow them as well as they should. This was because the ranking was based on inbound links and the more that a page had, the higher it ranked. In fact, some people would add links that were not even related to the actual search or page content, making it spam.


The halfway point through the 2000’s is easily known as the biggest year for SEO. This was the year that Google, Yahoo and MSN united for the Nofollow Attribute; a creation was aimed to decrease spam links. It also saw google create a personalised search that allowed users to find more relevant results.

2009 – 2010

Four years later, the SEO world was hit with a shakeup and saw content being optimized rather than key words. In fact, Bing’s premiere saw search results ranking higher than Google. September of 2010 however welcomed Google’s suggestion feature and whilst this didn’t have much of an impact on SEO rankings, it helped users search find more relevant content.

Panda and Penguin

Google updates emerged over the next couple of years that changed the way many SEO providers had to operate. The panda update was an update that targeted content farms in order to drive out frequently updated low content writing that was written purely to raise rankings. A year later, the penguin update targeted those using black hat techniques such as hyperlink spam.

It is safe to say that SEO has developed considerably since its introduction in the early 90’s. In 2017, the focus of this internet marketing technique relies heavily on high quality content that is relevant to what a user is searching for. To find out more information, contact a member of the team today!

Different Types of Internet Marketing Part 1

The internet is a tool that many business owners use in order to adjust their brand and appeal to a wider audience. In fact, it is now possible to alter a particular campaign so that it only targets a certain age group or area. In short, it’s safe to say that we would be lost without the wonders of the internet! The one thing that makes this type of advertising such a success however, is internet marketing and here at Internet Marketing Questions, we are the experts when it comes to this particular field. In this blog, we’re going to go over a handful of the subcategories when it comes to internet marketing…


This type of internet marketing works to establish a presence on the internet for the websites of businesses and companies. It stands for Search Engine Optimisation where quality content and specially chosen keywords are implemented in order to help individuals get their website highly ranked on the first page of a Google search. Sometimes companies will use black hat techniques meaning that the websites can be penalised by Google so it is wise to only employ honest SEO companies.

Social Media

It’s no secret that social media has a giant presence online and since the creation of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, companies have been able to market their products and services all over the world at the touch of a button. Social Media Marketing aims to gather this attention and direct it to a company’s website and services. It is especially popular because it is cheap to run and easy to use.


When a company pays for advertising every time a potential customer clicks on their ad, it is known as PPC agreement, which stands for Pay Per Click. It is usually reserved for businesses that have a large advertising and internet marketing budget as the company is charged every time a person clicks on their slot, usually at the top page of Google, regardless of whether they actually become a customer or not. A PPC ad is a very quick way to gather attention and website traffic however the costs can be rather high.

One of the most important parts of internet marketing is being able to understand the industry you are working in. There is a lot more to the practice than many people believe which is why we decided to place our focus on some of the subcategories. For more information when it comes to the world of the internet, check back for our next blog post!

The Secret of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is an industry that cannot be learned overnight and generally takes years to completely understand. Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we are strong advocates for the use of genuine internet marketing methods being used in order to generate traffic to websites however sometimes companies will opt for black hat techniques in order to speed up the process. In this blog, we going to go over a few of the secrets to making internet marketing working the right way…


In order to generate a return on the money that clients spend on internet marketing, a certain amount of traffic must be gained on a website and there are many ways to do this. For example, well knows companies like Adwords allow people to buy a place at the top spot on a google search however once the budget runs out, the advert is replaced by the next highest bidder. Natural traffic can be generated using the process of SEO which sees particular keywords and content used through blogging to generate traffic to websites.


Link farms are a set of internet webpages that are created with the main goal of linking to a target page in order to increase a websites ranking in a search engine result however they are illegal and a form of black hat internet marketing. If the information that is displayed on a website is not relevant and the links are leading potential traffic to link farms, it is likely that the results will not generate genuine clientele for the website receiving the internet marketing services.

Now you know some of the secrets when it comes to internet marketing, it’s time to put it into practice. After all, generating traffic to websites using techniques like SEO, emails and social media is a very beneficial ways of raising public awareness of a company!

Internet Myths That Refuse to Disappear

The internet is full of knowledge however it’s safe to stay that not all of it is particularly true. In fact, there are even myths about the internet itself which continue to circle around to this day. Here at Internet Marketing Questions, we’re ready to bust a few of them so that you are able to separate fact from fiction…

Myth: The internet is free

For some unknown reason, many people have spent their life believing that the internet is free to use and unfortunately, this is not and has never been true. Since the beginning of its creation, the internet has always had a cost. For example, in the past students gained accounts via tuition and the military got access as part of their job. When the internet became public, we started paying regular fees to internet providers. Even 4G is paid for because we subscribe to contracts and pay for the internet access on our smartphones! It might seem free to browse Facebook however, we are always paying in order to do so.

Myth: The internet is dangerous

Because the internet is able to hold and store a lot of our information, it often gains the reputation of being dangerous, especially for children. Whilst it is true that some bad people lurk around the internet, it is a very safe place as long as we keep our personal details private and be aware of the websites that our children are visiting at all times.

The internet is our forte here at Internet Marketing Questions which is why we dedicated a blog post to busting these myths! Check back for more tips and tricks about the internet and internet marketing!